Money Management

Do I have to figure all of this out on my own?

Although some people prefer to learn on their own, other prefer to work with a reputable financial advisor. Here are some tips on exploring that option:

How can I feel more in control of my financial life?

Sometimes getting your financials organized can lend clarity and focus to your financial life. Take a look at this method for getting organized:

What is a financial plan and how do I make one?

You'll find that explained right here:

How do taxes figure into the picture?

Everyone's situation is different so consult your tax advisor. Meanwhile, educate yourself with additional input such as this article:

My cousin/friend/uncle/neighbor is always trying to sell me insurance. Do I really need it?

You'll have to decide for yourself. Maybe this article can help:

I'm so proud of myself for not having any credit cards. That's a good thing, right?

Experts say that there's good debt and bad debt. Learn how using credit wisely can benefit you in the long run:

I have terrible credit. Is there any hope for me?

There's always hope if you start where you are and take actions to get where you want to go. If you have poor credit, here is helpful information to consider:

Moving Into Action

When should I start saving for retirement?

Ten years ago. But since you didn't, you might want to start today. Here's how:

I'd like to invest in my first home. How do I do that?

Some people choose to purchase a home, then use their equity to make other investments. Here are some tips for purchasing your first home:

Is buying a home the only way to get started in real estate investing?

If you don't mind being a landlord, another way to go is to buy a multi-family building, live in one unit and rent out the others. Check this out:

I'm interested in buying investment property. Do you have any tips?

Why yes, we do. Here's a good article to get you started in your education:

I understand that multi-family properties are a good way to build my real estate investment portfolio. What do I need to know to get started?

Many people have done well investing in multi-family properties. Here is an article to help you equip yourself to master the subject:

I own some stuff (a house, a car, furniture). What will happen to it if anything should happen to me?

To whom much is given, much is required. If you have assets, you would be a wise steward to be intentional about how you might to pass them on and leave a legacy. It's called "estate planning" and you can learn more about it here:

Introduction to Investing

What is the difference between saving and investing?

We're glad you asked! You'll find your answer right here:

What are the main types of investments?

That's a really good question. You're about to find out:

Where can I begin if I don't know where to begin?

Let's ask one of the most successful investors of all time, Warren Buffett:

How do I manage the risk of investing?

Experts say it's wise to diversify your risk. Learn more right here:

How do I start investing in stocks?

Read all about it here:

I want to build wealth, but I want to spread the wealth and make a difference, too. How can I do well and do good at the same time?

Now you're speaking our language! We're all about raising up social impact investors from low-to-moderate income backgrounds who realize that we are the answer to closing the wealth gap. Dig deeper into the subject here:

I'm new to investing, but I have a significant amount to invest. Should I be playing a bigger game?

Okay, player. You may be eligible to become an accredited investor, which opens up a wider world of opportunities for you. Read on:

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